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What should I do…?

…I made a topic not too long before and it got modded. I know, I can probably tell the reasons why it was modded. Anyways, now that I’m a bit more sober or so, I hope I’ll be able to explain the situation a lot better.

First, let’s just say me and a friend, call him Bob, were supposed to go to the casino with some other friends as a celebration for one of them (or two) having their birthdays during that week.

Anyways… they decided to tell everyone to meet up around 12:00 AM (living in California)., yes, which is about 4 and 50 minutes ago or so (including California’s DST).

Well, so we thought since there was a huge time gap between around 9:00 PM and 12:00 AM, we could go hang out with our other group of friends.

Just went to some places to get food and drinks… but the real problem is when we got back to Bob’s house. We insisted on smoking pot before we got to Bob’s house, and we’re at Bob’s house because we’re gonna do it there. Anyways, Bob and I, with some plans to do in about an hour (it was about 11:00 – 11:15PM at this time), thought it would be okay if we smoked…

When we turned out to be so not-sober, we decided it’s not worth it to go to Morongo… Because if we are going, we’re going to be going with our friends who aren’t high… And the thing is, what if they don’t smoke? What if they’ll think bad of us?

Bob called (let’s this guy a name) Bill up… Bob told him we couldn’t go because of some ****, like his parents not letting him go. Of course, that’s just bull****… I was supposed to go too, so Bob (being the stoned guy he currently is) was asked "What about DarkArch0n (of course he didn’t say this, just my name)?" and Bob turned to me… Asked me what he should say… I told him tell them I’m sleeping or something.

Well yeah, Bob couldn’t really handle it… Then he gave it to one of my other friend who was smoking with us (but wasn’t going to go Morongo)… Bill knows this guy a bit, too. So he said that "They have some difficulties right now. They can’t go." and all that… I didn’t talk on the phone, but I feel sorry.

We talk on Ventrilo daily, but I don’t know… Will this result in friends not liking us?

I was thinking… I could tell them the truth. That we took too much of a hit and couldn’t really be still… And it wouldn’t be fun for them to have two stoned guys around while they’re all sober, now would it? Sorry..

tl;dr: Friend and I were supposed to go with some friends to casino but got high instead and didn’t want to go/didn’t feel like it’s worth it… Had to make an excuse to not go.

The thing is, I don’t know if the friends that were going to the casino are cool with people being high and stuff… I know there are people who will look at you differently once you smoke, why? I don’t know, but there are those kind of people. What if they’re thinking in their head, "Oh, good thing then that we don’t have to pick them up." after we said that they don’t need to give us a ride. What about other times when they’re going to go hang out and we aren’t invited because we did something like this? It makes me wonder.

I thought about this right after I got high, it made me feel a bit sad about what happened. I know, I should be happy and ignore my problems. I guess I still feel a little baked right now, maybe a good night rest will let me think more clearly and find the solution.

I think the best choice of action would be to tell them the truth… See how they react, rather than having a silly "excuse" lie to come up…

Or do anyone else have any suggestions? If anyone needs clarification, please don’t hesitate! I want to answer to make it easy for you guys to understand the situation.

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