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Vaped firecrackers

Made firecrackers today. tried once before with no luck. Today I followed a recipe from here, but can’t find it now to thank him. almost 2 hous later, stoned feeling comes and goes. Its different, first time edible for me. Nice. Don’t know if t will getstronger or not, I didn’t want to over due it the first time. But at the moment, it feels like it is increasing. Here is what I did:

mixed small amount of olive oil with 2 heeping tablespoons of ABV. I don’t know how much a gram of ABV is, and couldn’t find an explaination on here, so I used tablesppons. Anyway, just enough olive oil to make abv wet and clingy like oatmeal without enough water.

-did other crap for 2 hours plus preheated oven to 310

gramcracker – 2, broken in half
nutella = spread all over both halves of gram crackers
spread half of ABV/oil mix on each cracker, on top of the nutella.
put oter cracker with nutella on top like a sandwich. Makes two.
Wrapped in foil individually
place in oven, middle rack for 22 minutes
took em out
let em cool
ate one, starting feeling something 70 minutes later. it sneaks up on you. Been two hours now. Feeling even better…

they actually didn’t even taste bad

Thanks to whoever posted the message. They used chocolate and peanut butter in theirs, but had all of the ideas I used.

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