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Trying to make decent cannabutter on a budget

So I have an eighth of high quality dro. I want to make cannabutter for brownies to have on 4/20 since it will be my first time making them. Been reading all over the internet for different tips and methods to making the butter and am ready to go.

I was originally planning to make the brownies with a half ounce of mids, but they’re not really available right now and high quality stuff, oddly enough, is the easiest thing to find.

I don’t want to make super super potent brownies, seeing as I have a friend who wants to try them for the first time and has a fairly low tolerance.

My question is this, if I’m planning to have the ratio be around .5 a gram per brownie, is it a reasonable plan to make a quarter pound of butter with the eighth I have (1/8ounce weed:1/4lb butter) and then cut it into 7 brownies. (3.5 grams=7 servings)

Am I crazy or is this an okay plan?

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