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Trying to make a tincture for e-cig

Hello good people, haven’t been on here a while. Last time I was here I was trying to beat a hair test, 🙂

Anyway I want to try making a solution that can be used sublingually, or added to liquid for an electronic cigarette.

Last night I took an old bag of mids, about ten grams or so, crushed it up real fine and added it to a small 4 oz jar. I then dumped in approx 1.5 oz of Everclear. Just enough to completely submerge the plant material. I then realized today it probably wasn’t enough alcohol to completely extract all of the THC. So I may need to add more everclear. From what I understand it can take up to one oz alcohol per 2 grams bud to be effective in removing all the good stuff.

Now my major question is how do I get the alcohol/bud mixture transfered primarily to my propylene glycol? PG is the major constituent in e-liquid and also aids sublingual absorption.

Should I let my bud/alcohol finish steeping, filter it out, then add the THC infused alcohol to the propylene glycol? Then heat that until the alcohol dissolves?

I would sincerly appreciate any help. This is my first tme doing this.

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