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The Green Dragon (tincture)

Ok so I want to start with this… I used the search button. I looked for a while and i know that there have been multiple, multiple threads on this in the past, some of which had phenominal recipes with great detail. Unfortunately I haven’t been on the site in like a year so when i searched today the first three pages were full of not helpful threads.

Anyway my recipe that i will follow is this:

Take 1 ounce and break up by hand into small nuggets.

Bake at 200˚F for 20 minutes (It should look brownish green and should crunch when you squeeze it).

Grind into a fine powder using a coffee grinder

Take 1.75 Liters of Everclear 95 % (illegal in MA and NH) and pour some out into a water bottle so you have enough space to fit the freshly ground powder into the everclear bottle. Store water bottle for later use.

Dump ground powder into Everclear bottle and store in dark space for 4 weeks shaking every few days.

After one month filter with a coffee filter placed in a funnel.

Once all the liquid has seeped through the filter use the water bottle from earlier to rinse the powder cake in the filter. This should wash out any remaining THC.

Pour green dragon back into original Everclear bottle and it should be ready for use.

My real concern is over a few details that i have heard from other recipes and they are as follows:

I’ve heard you should add sugar or flavor extracts to the mix to make it taste better…Y/N

I’ve heard that its best to store the mix in a dark warm spot like behind a dryer or something…Does this effect it in the long run? or Is there any reason not to do that?…Y/N

MOST IMPORTANTLY, I’ve heard that one of the major reasons that tincture can come out tasting gross is because if you let it sit too long then the chlorophyl and plant substances other than THC begin to break down and affect the taste… Is this true? and if so what is the ideal amount of time to let it sit for maximum THC absorbtion?

And then finally from a safety stand point, how potent can i expect this to be? I’ve heard of people taking half shots and being good to go, taking full shots and tripping, and I’ve heard of people taking 4 shots and being "buzzed".
I’m sure a lot is trial and error but any real experience would be nice.

Thanks in advance for anybody who helps or even posts a link to another thread, and to those who tell me to go use the search button or something along those lines… your input is not appreciated :D.

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