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THC extraction

First time posting, long time edibles maker.

I’ve been reading some great articles on the site about differing methods of extraction of THC. Great stuff, so thanks for supporting the mission! My concern is I’m allergic to alcohol and I’ve never tried to make a tincture with Grain Alcohol, and I will not touch Acetone, Butane or any other petroleum based solvents.

I used butter for a long time, until i realized dairy was causing me routine sinus infections.

When using Grain Alcohol is there a way to confirm there is no actual alcohol left in it? Is it impossible, or just a waiting game?

Also, i’ve heard you can can also use oils as a solvent much like Alcohol, something with a super high fat content and a high smoke point (495deg) like Avocado oil, is this true?

My goal here is to make sometype of tincture i can use in the products i make, much like the hash oil, for those eco-savvy I’ve also created some kickass organic, raw ‘treats’ and I’d be willing to share those recipies, just for something different 🙂

Thanks for your support!

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