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Tea that will get you stoned big time!

Medical Tea

1 oz. Indica bud
12 fl oz Vodka

Grind indica bud in coffee grinder until powder.

Gently put powder in wide mouth jar.

Add 12 fl oz vodka.

Agitate once a day for 7 days, you will see about 4 different layers of powder when settled. Store in dark at room temperature.

The vodka acts as a solvent keeping the plant material soft and preserved.
Make sure you have a lid on the jar.

Pre heat large mug (2cups/500ml) by rinsing with boiling water.

Stir liquid powder mixture with a tablespoon(soup spoon) and scoop a full spoon while contents swirling.

Put in pre heated mug.

Repeat so 2 spoons of liquid powder are in preheated mug.

Add boiling water, stir in honey, let steep until cool enough to drink.

Make sure to drink up the powder at the bottom of the mug.

Two spoons of tea base will put most grown men on the couch in about 2 hours.

This is a good way to consume hemp for cancer treatment if patients can’t make oil.
1 pound of bud is to be consumed in approx. 2-3 months. The movie Run From The Cure , shows the oil process for cancer treatment. This tea recipe could have 2 oz bud to 12 fl oz of vodka; there is enough room in the 12 fl oz of solvent. This would increase the dose for higher consumption for cancer treatment.

When tea is consumed you get incredible pain relief, areas of pain will warm up or glow, smoking is a waste of medicine.
Have tea about 2-3 hours before bed and don’t operate vehicles or equipment.

The recipe at 2 spoons per mug makes about 30 mugs of tea; remember, bud potency and spoon size vary.

With high quality Indica bud 2 spoons per mug mentioned earlier will make your body sing!

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