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Suggestions for coffee cookies?

So my goal is this, to make strong green cookies that taste as good as possible. The wife likes the effect from eating green foods however she is UBER picky when it comes to the taste.

Now the one thing we have eaten that she really enjoyed was these chocolate brownies and one distinct difference with them was they had some espresso/coffee added to them.

Now brownies are fine but for me that won’t work. I like to make cookies because I can form them into balls and freeze the dough and takeout 1 or 2 and bake them fresh when I need them. I’m a very light user and a couple dozen cookies will last me a long long time. i can’t freeze brownie batter and bake brownies on demand.

So does anyone have any good cookie recipes that use butter and aren’t skunky tasting? I typically make cannabutter and use that to make the cookies.

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