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State Marijuana Laws – Learn Your States Laws

I’ve noticed a large number of legal complaints in the legal issues section of the forums and thought I’d post a link to a section on NORML’s site that shows all states marijuana laws.

Just go to the site and click on your state for any information.

State Laws

Here’s a thread I started that goes over Police Searches

There two more videos at the end that people should watch.

Here is a thread packed full of info. It was already a sticky.


Here’s another link to NORML. This is on the medical marijuana states

Legal Issues

I’d also like to give some generalized information that may be able to help you with some court issues.

Q1 : I was charged with possession with intent to sell. They found (whatever item may have been used such as a scale)

A1 : Unless marijuana has touched the item and/or there is marijuana residue on it, the charge can most likely be dropped to just possession.

Q2 : Should I use a court-appointed attorney or my own?

A2 : No. If at all possible, get an attorney that specialized in marijuana-related offenses. But if you can’t a court attorney is better than none IMO.

Q3 : Where can I find information on my state’s laws?

A3 : On the link posted above. Just click on your state and read away.

Q4 : How can I prepare for court?

A4 : You can prepare by dressing nice and making sure you have all of your ducks in a row. If you walk in there looking like a druggy, they will not take you seriously. And treat everyone with the utmost respect. Be polite to everyone. But don’t spill anything that can worsen any charges.
And if at all possible, get a marijuana-specialized attorney. Google them in your area.

I hope this answered any questions you may have had. If you have any issues that cannot be answered by these, please post them in the legal issues section.

If all else fails, send a message to me or one of the longer-running members.

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