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Simple Tasty Canna-Choco-Granola-Nut-Clusters ;)

Alright so last week I got invited to a Potluck, a literal pot recipes only potluck and I had to bring the desert. I had some butter already made up but I didn’t want to make the same old cookies/brownies/firecreackers etc but I also didn’t have time to make something super complex so here is what I did

I picked up
-2 bags of 60% cacao chocolate chips (you can use semi sweet depending on what time you prefer)
-Almost a lb of organic strawberry rasberry granola and a seed and nut trail mix that I found

Took these things home melted down the cannabutter I had in a makeshift double boiler (a smaller pot inside a larger pot of boiling water)

I used about 8tbs and melted in almost the whole of the two bags of chocolate

For extra flavor I added some cinnamon and brown sugar, then once the mixture was all melty I stirred in the granola and trail mix. You have to make sure all of it gets thoroughly coated before you can start scooping out spoonfuls onto wax paper
Once all has been scooped into little piles on the paper place in the freezer until ready to serve. They should only take 10 minutes to cool and solidify but they were SO YUMMY! They were a big hit at the potluck, so I just thought Id share this simple treat.

Mmmmm now time for some cannabutter garlic bread:eek:

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