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Should I be clear?

Just a little background on me….I was a heavy smoker for like 4-5 years, this was however 5 years ago. Took a break from smoking for like 3-4 years and now will casual smoke 2-3 times a year. Was out drinking with some friends(Saturday night Oct 14), and took 4-5 puffs(pretty high grade stuff). This was the first time I have smoked since Feb 2011. It’s possible that I will have a Urine screening in the next 5 days to 2 weeks. Like many others who visit these forums, I am just looking for some answers to see if I will pass.

info on myself as stated by the FAQ upon posting….

5′ 10"
195 lbs
around 17-18% body fat
My metabolism should be pretty regular…as my job requires lifting and moving stuff. Usually work up a nice sweat while working.

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