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Second Time Making Cannabutter

It’s my second time making Cannabutter. Unfortunately it’s kind of cost prohibitive. I don’t know how potent it is yet, still cooling, I used 1/2oz of weed for 1/3cup of butter. (about 3/4ths of a stick of butter).

Lessons Learned:

  • Get a funnel. Although I strained it through cheesecloth there was a bit of spillage due to unsteady hands (more spillage than I’m comfortable with). I think a funnel would have solved that problem.
  • Cook longer. I’m not entirely sure I cooked it long enough. The first time I tried 45 minutes this time I simmered it in water with butter for 90 minutes, after straining though cheese cloth the color of the butter was just plain yellow. It’s hard to know how long to cook because some people say to simmer for 15 minutes some say 12 hours.

I used some pretty nice mids (almost all buds with only a few stems ground up incidentally). The first time I didn’t grind the weed real well, this time I used an electric coffee grinder, got a pretty fine powder, some of it almost silt-like.

The butter’s just about cooled now so I’m gonna go make brownies. I’ll post back the results in a few hours.

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