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Post Tonsillectomy ideas, help!

Okay so I’m no pro at cooking weed but I have never wasted it baking stuff, I have baked very successful brownies although mostly my friends did all the work and I have made alot of fire crackers and always gotten really ripped from them. Now my issue is I love weed and I just got my tonsils out 10 days ago, for those of you who don’t know it is extremely painful I have been through a bad shoulder surgery, dislocated my shoulder over 50 times in 2 months and deviated septum surgery, I know pain. And there is nothing like a tonsillectomy recovery. YOU CAN’T EAT ANYTHING that isn’t soft AND smooth. So about 7 days after the surgery i put a ground up dub into about half a cup of nutella/organic peanut butter mixed it up put it into tin foil and baked it at 310 degrees for 23 minutes. I was high for about 3 hours. took 30 minutes to hit me. I could do that again worst comes to worst its the only thing i can think of i can really eat BUT does anyone have any suggestions for something else? A weed pudding perhaps? I need help with recipes and stuff that’s why I’m here asking.. Don’t just suggest "yeah make a weed pudding!" of course id love to do that.. But how??. I cant eat firecrackers. Nothing sharp and crackly for a month. I would get hemorrhaging, bleeding and possibly die hahaha seriously though. One more thing, it has gotta be a simple treat similar to how a firecracker doesn’t need more then a dub to get you high. I have a dub of weed and nothing else surgery is expensive. BTW YOU CAN’T SMOKE WEED WITH A GIANT OPEN WOUND IN YOUR MOUTH DON’T TRY IT AND TRUST ME. So does anyone have any ideas to end my discomfort lacking in THC??? All help is appreciated!!! :hail::hail: honestly i would even just make some thc butter and eat that pure i can suck it up.

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