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new to cooking pot

I’m just wondering what is used for what when cooking with pot.
I mean, what are the leaves used for? What are the buds used for?
And what I mean by that is, I know some edibles are made for sleeping, some for an "upper" feeling and some to get high, some to get really wasted, etc.
Right now I have a bunch of leaves from hydro plants. So I’d like too know when I make my butter/oil with these leaves and bake something, what kind of effect will this give me?
Also, Will this have the same effect if I were to make a tiniture? (Not sure if spelled right.)
I have seen lots of info on how to make things, but I’m not really sure what is for what. So if somebody could explain to me what has what effects, that would be really great!!!
I just don’t wanna be making something not knowing what to expect.

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