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My First batch of brownies…..WTF

So now I am experience at the process, but I just wanted to share my story. My very first batch of brownies I wasnt so smart, I used an ounce of midgrade weed. And I make it into 2/3 cup of oil, as per my brownie recipe. I make the brownies, and they were delicous…DELICIOUS. BUT, i was high for 22 hours, I woke up the next day to get ready and I was so F’d up I couldnt walk straight..So, Im sure there are many experience chefs here, but for those of you that are not, just be careful with the amount that you put. I now make oil regularly. for every ounce of low to mid grade I usually get 2-3 cup oil, its up to you how strong you want to make it, also if you have the time I found that soaking the week for a week makes the final product so much better.

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