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How to get a Cannabis Card

Most states that have passed laws legalizing marijuana for medical use have some type of registration program and require patients and caregivers to obtain a medical marijuana card. This page includes a state-by-state guide on how to register and obtain a card.

As of July 2010, 14 states have passed laws legalizing marijuana for medical use. These states include Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington.

Many of these states require patients intending to use marijuana for medical use to register first–but what exactly is required depends on the state. If you are considering talking to your doctor about using marijuana for your medical condition, then you will want to find out what is required to register in your state as medical documentation in some form is necessary in every state.

Medical Marijuana Card Tips

  • Marijuana is still illegal under federal law in all states.
  • Talk to your doctor before registering for a marijuana card.
  • Always talk to an attorney about the legal ramifications of possessing marijuana for medical purposes.
  • Some states refuse to issue cards to people with a criminal background.
  • Conditions that qualify vary from state to state.

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