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Kick ass savory alternative to brownies!

About a month ago I started making easy and successful batches of Canna-butter. I’ve been freezing it in containers.

At first we were only making brownies, which were fine. After a while though you get tired of that sweet taste. I’ve always been a foodie, but not so much a lover of overly sweet things.

In search of ideas for easy, savory, and yummy dishes I came across this one:

Cooks.com – Recipe – Fettucini Alfredo

Obviously you substitute the 1/2 cup butter for Canna-butter.

We just made this tonight, and I feel great! The taste is wonderful, the ingredients are under $10, and its easy to put together…enough to feed 5 people.

Also I wanted to say that I highly recommend the slow cooker in making the butter. You can pick up a large one for under $30 at walmart…then you can make all kinds of soups, stews, roasts, desserts in it for cheap and easy meals. Anyway, I prepare the butter, weed water mixture at night and let it go on low for 24 hours…then I strain it into containers the next night and put it in the refridgerator…they are ready to go and fully hardened and separated in the morning. I’m not an expert at all, and I’m sure there are better ways, but PM me if you need hand holding with this slow cooker cannabutter recipe. I think everyone should get involved–cooking makes things a little more interesting. That being said, I’m on my way out to burn one LOL.

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