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i think ive messed up? – help needed

Hi guys,

So ive attempted to make cannibutter last night and i think ive made a mistake somewhere along the line, below is what ive done but the cannibutter ive made is still yellow?

1.I boiled 3 cups of water in a very large pot, then reduced the water to a simmer
2. then i added a smaller pot into the large pot and placed 250g of country life butter into it.
3. when the butter was melted, i added 1/2 and ounce of weed and sturred.
4. i continued sturring the mixture for 1 hour and then removed it from the heat and strained the mixture through a coffee filter.
5. i placed the mixture in the fridge over night and ive woken this morning, and its set but its still YELLOW, not green?

Can anyone see where ive gone wrong? Ive kept the weed in the coffee filter (is it salvagable if i have messed up?). Will the cannibutter work if its still yellow?

Thanks in advance.

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