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How can I afford to make quality canna cookables?

I have been experimenting with cooking over the last couple months. I’ve made many batches of brownies, fetuccini alfredo, fire crackers, etc.

When I read cannabutter recipes they all call for 1-4 ounces of marijuana, less if they are good quality buds. Lets say I buy an ounce of Sour Diesel buds for $300. Now I’m somehow supposed to use that $300 in my brownies? What?!

My first time I used a $20 eighth of Panama Red in my pound of butter. I was way high on 1/8 the pan…on 2/8 the pan I was sick in the yard.

Subsequent attempts and a higher tolerance were not so good. I ate 1/2 the pan and barely got high for example. This leads me to think I need to bake with a higher quality of weed and up the amount of it in my butter. But I’m like Yikes, I thought it was expensive when it was $20—$100 or more is crazy for something I"m going to polish off in a night with a couple people.

So my question is: How do you make such lovely things in the kitchen on a budget.

P.S. I’m starting my first grow with 10 plants on Saturday to solve my dilemma of finding cheap bud to bake with!

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