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Herbal Incense, K2 the New Rage?

People around the world have started to turn to a synthetic alternative to marijuana. Herbal incense has been popular for many years, but people are now smoking the stuff.

A manufacturer of K2 herbal incense has a product that contains a chemical called jwh-018. The chemical was invented by a student of Clemson University, in Clemson, South Carolina. Smoking this blend of incense is known to have the same effect on your body as marijuana.

This product has effects so close to marijuana, that it coined the name synthetic marijuana. Adverse side effects have been minimal, even compared to marijuana, but it is still young. Since this substance is not enforced by law, there has been no drug screening made public at this point and time.

If you are thinking of trying K2, then remember that it is still a relatively new substance. No long term side effects have been found, but there haven’t been many studies on it. Proceed with caution, but remember this substance has the same properties as cannabis.

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