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Happy Krispy Treats :]

High Guy’s,Gona run this in the right place and maybe can get some helpful hints,Makeing some Canna-Butter,could’nt find a recipie,but got
a lil advice,Started with 1/2oz of trim from some OG Kush,pretty tasty
allready lol,3/4# of butter,preped weed with a light choppn,good fer rolln,
melted butter in a tupper-ware over boiling water,mixed in weed and heated fer 2 hours,cooled and coverd in the fridge it went,going to let it
set fer 2 days and reheat fer a hour or so and strain it,so my ??? is will
it be stronger leting it set longer,it would if I was makn a cup of T,Thanks

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