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Frozen Urine… Input

Ok… Not confident using synthetic in my state due to local lab(s) using new methods to detect synthetic. Yes, even the Canadian version of QF. So, I’ve been working on freezing clean urine to learn the in’s & outs. I’ve frozen many samples of clean urine; as early as just after peeing to waiting 1-2 hours later.

After defrosting slowly in warm water they all come out the same… Lot’s of sediment on the bottom and somewhat cloudy. Does anyone know what that sediment is? Is it a critical component to the U/A? Guess what I’m asking is, if I use the top 2/3rd of un-cloudy, above the sediment urine will that pass? Or, is all that sediment the critical uric acid and creatine?

The urine going into the bottle was pristine yellow urine and once defrosted there is a thick layer of sediment on the bottom. Experts, what say you??

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