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First Time: CannaButter & CannaCookies

What’s up all? Just wanted to post the fact that I recently made my first tray of potent butter and my first batch of ganja cookies. 🙂

I was skeptical at first, and I had read a lot about making butter and different marijuana recipes…until finally, I felt I was knowledegable enough to give it a try.

First off, I shook three pounds of Humboldt popcorn buds/trim, and I received 13 oz’s. of marijuana keif which I added to my pot. THEN, I added the excess marijuana (which was already ground up fine) to my pot.

I simmered my mixture for a good hour and a half with a lid on my pot.

Strained the mixture, and placed my new butter into a tupperware container. I then let it sit to solidify for two hours.

I just finished with my batch and now I’m writing this post. 🙂

Also, in my years of eating edibles and smoking herb, I had noticed that a lot of people burn or overcook their cookies and they turn out hard. I wanted to avoid this problem with my batch, and turns out that I must have done everything right because these are some soft ass cookies!

I feel like I’m biting into a cloud…I love it.

Thanks for reading guys. :hail:

Keep burnin’, peace.

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