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Failed Firecrackers

I have made a total of 4 firecrackers for me and my girl. I’d say each firecracker had around .5 in it. The first time we made them I followed the most popular recipe I could find and even bought a grinder for the occasion. Wrapped them in foil, baked at 320 for 22 minutes. I want to say we got a slight buzz but it was hard to tell as we had a couple bowls prior. We both have pretty high tolerances though. But after reading all the firecracker success stories .5 seemed to be the amount. The next time I tried, I added a little bit of vegetable oil to the nutella in hopes that it would soak up more THC. Did the exact same thing, foil, 320, 22 minutes. And this time around I don’t think we were even buzzing and I want to say we even added a little bit more bud. I am a little stumped as I have had edibles in the past and have been completely blown away. I was hoping to share that experience with my gf as she has never had an edible experience yet. Also, the bud we have is extremely dank. For us to get high off of some dank we usually have a small bowl, then a gravity hit, then a joint. Then a couple bowls through the night to keep us up there. Would that mean that we might have to add up to a gram on each firecracker? Maybe 22 minutes isn’t long enough? I really would like to enjoy that edible high again along with my girl. 🙁

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