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Failed chocolates help

I am trying to figure out where I went wrong making these chocolates. I used quarter ounce of good bud and a quarter ounce of stems I had been saving for a while, all from good bud. I ground it up finely, I did a double boiler with the water lightly boiling and turn the heat up and down as nessasary, the butter simmered slightly for about 3 hours. I cooled it about 15 hours afterward and then melted down my chocolate and added in the butter, also using a double boil, I let this mixture go for about an hour notat really high heat. I emulsified the chocolate and butter together and then poured out the mixture into a tray with various shapes and cooled them in the fridge until solid. I finally go to eat one and nothing happened. I had this distant feeling in the back of my mind that my body was trying to make if self feel the way I do when I smoke but like it was having trouble activating. Each chocolate should have co rained Bout .4 or .5 in each which used to be s good dose when I used middis in oil and made brownies. My girlfriend ate one and two hours later said she felt decently high, I just ingested two this morning on am empty stomach and it’s been about an hour and a half and I have yet to feel anything aside from the effect I described earlier. Any idea where I went wrong? The bud is dank, the butter never came to a boil itself (except omce or twice it simmered pretty hard for about two minutes each time because I let it cook a little outside the double boil briefly)and didn’t reduce too much from being cooked for so long, so I don’t think I cooked the thc away. I’m
not really sure what to do. It feels like o just wasted my money, I kept reading everywhere the longer you let the butter go on low the better. The butter was definetely green and the weed looked decent brown. Anyone know where I could of gone wrong or how I might be able to save these by breaking down the butter chocolate mix and maybe mixing that into something else?

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