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Dirty Bongs and Bong water = cheap and strong honey oil

This post will change your life! I will show you how to make honey oil by cleaning your bong, and this shit will fuck you up.

Okay, so sometimes you’re poor and do not have money for green. What do you do?

Take your bong(s) and do the following (hopefully you haven’t been changing out your water, and it looks like shit. lol):

1. The first step varies (because you technically can squeeze more thc out of your bong water, but.. it’s a bitch, and you need to evaporate it which takes forever): Either dump your bong water out, drink it, or put a coffee filter over the top of your bong and catch all the sentiment so it stays in your bong. Sounds crazy but stay with me.

2. Next reach into your liqueur supply and poor a couple of inches of high proof alcohol into your bong(s). I suggest using long island mix or something that’s clear, but that has some sugar in it – which gives your honey a sweet flavor and traps the thc below the sugar (this time I used Desert Island long island iced tea mix).

3. Shake bongs for several minutes (plugging holes) and keep shaking until the gunk on the sides of your bong has mostly come off.

4. Poor this mixture of alcohol and sediment from your bong into a glass brownie tray.

5. Evaporation time: Either let it sit for several days and go on a weed fast, OR take a pan bigger than your glass tray and heat up some water. Next take your glass tray and let it float on that water. Keep heat on low to medium low (you won’t see a boil, but you will see a little steam).

6. Once you can tilt the glass tray and the liquid has turned to a honey-like thickness, remove from heat and scrape all that beautiful honey with a razor blade.

7. You are welcome. Trust me, this shit is cheap and definitely fucks you up. It will save you so much money.

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