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Did my firecrackers give me the flu!?

Hello all, long time no post. But this monday and tuesday i consumed a homemade firecracker with about a gram to a gram and a half of good reggies. Now although these reggies are like top shelf compared to most, its obvious that they came from mexico or one of the southern states. It is extremely bricky and dense and hard to break, actually I can knock on a door with a bud…

So anyway, tuesday night i noticed a slight fever and i felt pretty pukish, so I decided to go to bed (I have eaten weed a lot in my life, mainly brownies, so I wasn’t too concerened with the sickness, thinking it was just the firecracker from earlier). BUT, all night long, I woke up every hour to two and had to throw up. This was tuesday night, here I am still sick, with a terrible headache, sore throat, earaches, sinus issues, bad cough and cold, and still am puking and have a fever. I went to the doctor today and he gave me some z-paks but i ended up throwing them up.

Now I normally never get sick, especially like this, or at least for this long. Also, I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary or anything that could have got me sick before this. Is it possible that the almost 3 gs of reggies being only cooked in firecrackers (which i say can be considered "undercooked") could have gotten me sick? I mean really, this weed obviously was transported and packed a lot, meaning its been through a lot of peoples hands and near a lot of peoples faces. Normally I assume smoking it would kill any germs so theres no issues, but perhaps the firecracker didnt kill the germs and thats how I got so sick?

If anyone could help me out that’d be great! I really am stumped trying to figure out how I got sick, and this, trust me, is the worst stomach flu/flu/whatever i’ve ever had, so i’d really like to know if the firecrackers got me sick, cause that way I’ll just go back to brownies (i know using the stove for half an hr on the bud and butter would def. kill any germs). Thanks!

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