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convinent homemade thc pills need help!

So I’m in highhschool and I thouht it would be pretty sick to be able to be sitting in class pop some thc pills And be stoned in a hot one. I’ve done some research, thc is fat soluable but what I’m unsure about is decarboxylation. I’ve read up on a method of makkinng no heat cannnaoil tthat seams pretty rational. Just leave bud in cooking oil for 2weeks. Some may say it won’t work without heat. I believe this is not true; the oil will soak up thc though in this state it wil not get you baked. So if after the 2 weeks I strain the bud then put the oil in the microwave Will this activate the cannaboids? Aka deoxycarbation making the bud phsycioactiive.Can somone back this with expierence or science. I’m not very expierenced with edibles.
So if this works I plan on emptying ginger capsules and use a meedicine dropper and putt the oil in the capsules….its a great thought. Someone help me! don’t wanna waste 6 g’s I’m an unemployed pot smoker this is risky.

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