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cannabutter problems

ok so i am new to eating my smoke but i was interested in trying it out and my buddy and i found some leaves that he had saved in a mason jar about 23 grams worth so we decided to make some butter from it so we go 3 sticks of butter an two pots and put water in one and put the other on top of it and melted the butter and then added the mj and then let it set for about and hour (which is about the average time of the recipes online) and then strained it out on cheesecloth and made cookies with the butter but did not cool it right away then put it in the fridge and cooled it and there was a layer of brown water on the bottom but we did not put water in with the butter is that right? and just to let you know i tried the cookies and they tasted like the butter smelt but didnt get me high i am disapointed. should i try the butter now that it has seperated and maybe it will work better let me know i am up for suggestions.

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