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Butter Substitute?

I just made my first batch of cannabutter; I’m just waiting for the water / butter separation. I sampled it a couple of times (from my spoon rest) as it cooked. Tasted very "herbal." Problably would be awesome with garlic and similar herbs. Anyone ever try it?

Also; I’m looking for a substitute for the butter. I love butter but I don’t eat it that often because it’s fattening and not good for you. I was wondering if olive or flax oil could be used instead of butter. They’re heart healthy oils; they just should not be heated because heat destroys the nutrients. So I was wondering if weed was added to a bottle of olive or flax oil and left to sit for an extended period of time (like making Green Dragon) would the oil extract the THC from the weed? Would room temperature or refridgerated oil extract the THC from the weed?

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