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avb olive oil tea

so Yesterday there was news that there was going to be a giant snowstorm with an estimated 12-17 inches, so i decided to do some cooking with about 6 grams of avb with kief sprinkled in and a few stems. I poured olive oil into a pan, put in on a burner at low heat and stirred it for 23-30 minutes. After wards i put into a mug and left in the fridge overnight. Today I heated up a cup of water and placed a coffee filter on top of it. I took 2 table spoons of the nasty looking cuncoction 😮 and put it on the filter. I then waited for most of the oil to drip down, then wrapped the filter up and stirred in the cup. Afterwards the hot mug of water, olive oil and cannabis oil looked pretty dank and i poured half of that cup into some tea i made. I then put a lot of sugar into the tea to cover the taste and started drinking. Suprisingly it isnt to bad, bud the olive oil has a noticable after taste, Ill let you guys know how it worked later through the day.

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