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am i just worrying myself to death?

okay, i hate to be another one of "those guys" who just come here and ask… so sorry in advance, haha. but any input would be so so so appreciated.

i’m 6′ 3" and ~250 pounds

before this story i hadn’t smoked in more than 3 months, so i would have been working on a clean system.

but about 24 days ago my buddy and i spent a friday evening and most of saturday smoking. i’d estimate we split around 8 bowls between us.

i’m gonna have a urine test (pre-employment) within a week.. somewhere between day 27 and day 30 of not smoking. i read that most people clean out in 30 days, but because of the whole "thc clings to fat" and since i am a bigger guy i kinda worry myself to death. so as insurance i’ve biked about 80 miles on a stationery bike, trying to eat less… or at least healthier stuff, etc… i also have a part time job right now that requires me to walk/be on my feet about 90% of the day as well as lift heavy boxes.

so basically, i had smoked a lot in a span of 24 hours, but will this still clean out relatively quick cause it was a one time thing and i had a clean system? help me put my nerves to rest?:hail:

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