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ABV mini molten lava microwave thing!!! it worked!!!

So last night i wanted to test something out, i had a bunch of Already Been Vaped bud, so I was at the store with my girlfriend and she wanted to make cookies but i wanted something with weed in it 🙂 So i had an idea!!!! I make ABV brownies all the time but i was to lazy for that and it was just for me. So i saw this Microwavable mini cake thing. So i added 1.2grams of ABV(i make 12 brownies with 14grams). Microwaved for 30secs and enjoyed! 45 mins later i was crazy high as potent as the brownies I make. I heard a lot of different things about ABV and cooking with it…IT works guys i do it all the time. This is my first time trying a microwave with ABV but that crushes the myths that you can’t microwave bud and still be potent. Sorry in advanced for bad grammar/spelling in a rush to get this post in before work.

EDIT: 12/16/10 – Made a second one with .7g of abv bud and it was a much more plesent high for me the first night with 1.2g was to much it put me to sleep.

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