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1st time Brownie Feedback

I just made brownies for the first time with some Panama Red Sativa I got at the dispensary. It was $20 for the 1/8th and had nice reddish buds, no seeds or stems.

I used the crockpot to make 1 lb of butter. I ground up the 1/8 oz of Panama and put it in the crock pot with butter and some water on low for 24 hours.

After separating the butter over night, I used 1/2 cup of butter in my Pilburry Brownie mix….It was good…really good. I cut the 9×13 inch pan into 8 squares. 1 square got me really high, 2 scares actually made me sick! The taste of the brownie was delightful.

3 of us got high two days in a row on them brownies…it really helped our ailments while still being able to figure out an appropriate dose.

Isn’t it wild that only an 1/8th in a pound of butter was strong enough for me and my family members. I still have enough butter to make another batch of brownies. Am I just a light weight, or have you heard of people using a small about of bud to cook with.

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