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14 grams of high grade…brownies?

Me and a few friends are going to miami for july 4th..and we’re going to have a half ounce of high grade weed. I had an idea of making brownies for the whole trip (we’re going from july 2nd to july 5th) just because me and my friends smoke so much I figure this would be a cool change and we wouldn’t have to worry about getting caught with bud.

My original thought was to make some sort of THC oil…but every time i’ve ever made food i fucked it up. I’ve recently learned that to make true oil it usually takes days…so obviously thats why I screwed up so much.

I need a basic recipe that will get me and my friends smacked for 3-4 days with a half ounce of high grade….we prefer a brownie recipe.

I swear i’ve looked all over the internet and this site for a good recipe and all the recipes seem to be different so im skeptical.

I also noticed there was a request a recipe though but it hasnt been touched since april so if this needs to be moved mod feel free to do so.

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