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Turkey Hash

NOTE: This recipe doesn’t require mj but this still seamed like best place to post.

Anyway, turkey hash is a day-after-thanksgiving tradition in my family. As i’ve only been smoking for a little over a year, and didn’t know about hash last thanksgiving, i never made the connection :P. Don’t know where my family got the name haha looks like my grandma was a toker lol. Anyway, to make it, first gather the materials.

next, mix all of those leftovers up in your stove and on a low-med heat, stir constantly for about 5-7 mins. now you’ll have a sorta soupy delicious mix of heaven :P. serve in a bowl and dig in :D. there shouldn’t be any gravy as it should’ve sorta mixed/bonded to the turkey and stuffing. play around with quantities and find what you like best! enjoy :hail:

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