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Question Regarding Brownies

I am making brownies for the first time with a friend (who has made them before). I have a few questions I couldn’t find answers to while searching this section.

From what I’ve gathered from friends a quarter is a decent amount to get you high. However, I am looking for something with a little more bang.

I’ve read about people having psychedelic experiences from brownies. I listen to the Joe Rogan podcast, and he’s often mentioned some of the best psychedelic experiences he’s had were off MJ brownies. I don’t know how much to make to get a nice, great, strong trip. How much is too much? Would 10 grams be too much? At what point is it unsafe? Would an ounce be too much? I’m making a normal sized batch, my friend and I are splitting it up between the two of us.

Also, I read in another thread that it is preferred that you break the bud apart before you cook it to get all the THC. Would you recommend grinding all the weed up and then cooking it? Would it be better to grind the weed, and put it through a weed sifter and catch all the THC and then cook the grind with the THC added on top of that to get even more THC dissolved in the butter? Hypothetically, let’s say one were to make a 10 gram batch, and throw in another approximately 2 grams of pure THC, would that be too potent?

Thanks in advance, I appreciate any advice anyone has to offer. Cheers!

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