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Making Cannabutter

Hello everyone,

I am an actual Chef who wants to start cooking with weed for personal uses. I’ve found lots of recipes online, but they all call for actual bud or leaves. I want to use the crystal I collect from the top of my bud buster, or maybe even Honey Oil I make with Butane and a Honey Bee Extractor you can buy at any Headshop.
My questions are: Has anyone used either of these things and if so did it give you a stronger product in the end? Second when you boil butter the milk solids separate which gives you whats called Clarified butter. When you refrigerate it the milk solids stay a liquid. So what do you do with that part? After you simmer it with weed it will contain thc but you can’t make the milk solids re emulsify with the clarifed butter??? And you need the milk solids in most baking so whats the solution??? Am I just over thinking all of this?
Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanx & Happy Smoking:)

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