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Firecracker before School a bad Idea?

I made 3 firecrackers using 0.4 grams of HASH total split between the 3. I usually only smoke 0.2 grams of hash out of a gravity bong. Will 0.4 grams work well, and if its too strong, should i only eat two of the crackers, so it would be like eating 0.25 grams. I want to be high but not fucked up so that teachers will catch me. I have a fast metabolism so if i eat it an hour and 15 minutes before school, would that be enough time for it to kick in and then i can decide if i can to go school like this?

Final question. If I eat 2 and they dont work, does that mean if I eat a third later it wont add on to the other 2 and the two will just be wasted?


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