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Can you get sick from eating weed on a daily basis?

So about 3 weeks ago i made weed brownies , now i totally screwed it up , it was burned and i simply put raw weed and didn’t bother using cannabutter.

It was the worse food indigestion and bad trip ever.

So i took a new batch and did it well, used cannabutter and it worked falwlessly, i was getting a very good high without any side effects by eating one cookie a day.

Now I had been doing this for about a week and 2 days ago i got a fever and flu that still last as to right now and the only thing that got me relief was to eat 2 cookie during these 2 days, i haven’t eat any since yesterday and don’t plan to eat any for a long while.

I just wonder if my fever would be the cause of eating too much weed, I’ve look on the internet and cant find the slightest thing that talk about this. And to finish, one day before i get m fever, i ate 1 chicken burger that wasn’t bake enough.

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