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About making pills… few questions

I read several other threads about making capsule pills, but in many of them the poster says they cooked the bud with oil at a lower heat, like 250 F. I thought THC wont be released until somewhere around 320 F.

Also, once you throw your green into the oil, isn’t THC escaping from the pan in vapor form while it’s cooking? Or is it supposed to be absorbed by the fatty oil as soon as it is released?

After the cooking, you dont need the bud anymore right? All the THC should be in the oil? So can you strain the weed out of the solution, leaving just the oil?

How do you fill pill capsules? I mean if you filled both halves, logic would say when you go to put them together, gravity will make an oily mess. So do you just fill one half and then attach the other empty half?


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