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Your most trippy experience whilst high?

Okay, so on boxing day after having family round the house and ending christmas, me and my brother decided to go out quickly and get some bud to finish the day. So after ringing a couple of people we finally found someone selling at the time (it was late) and we got around 1.5 grams of some bud that looked pretty standard.. We both rolled a joint each and smoked them quickly, then put some music on (we were in the car) and drove home. I have NEVER been so high in my life. It hit me just as we were close to home, and I was tripping balls. We had Tyler The Creator – Yonkers on aswell and it made everything seem so freaky, I started staring at my brother driving and the street lights that were shining on him started to change into different colours rapidly (like blue, yellow and red) and my vision started to bend diagonally and the music’s tempo was bending with my vision, so it sounded sortof slow motion like. Then looking at the road we were driving down it just looked so interesting and I felt like I was in a game.. It was so intense. I have smoked weed quite a few times now and I’ve had some good shit.. but this was the most intense high of my life.

So yeah, what’s your most trippy experience whilst high? Try to describe it well 🙂

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