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would i be putting my parents’ jobs at risk?

Both of my parents work for the government and have the highest security clearance. They also have to take lie detector tests every few years.

I don’t know exactly whats involved in having the highest security clearance, but naturally I can imagine that any legal trouble with marijuana could put their careers at risk.
They’re going out of town next weekend so the teenager I am, I’m throwing a of a party (all 18 years old, if that counts for anything) and I know people will want to smoke.
If for some reason a cop comes in and finds/ smells the weed, how much trouble would MY PARENTS get into?
Since I’m 18 wouldn’t all the legal issues go towards me? The only thing I can think of that would affect them is the fact that we’re in their house.

I just really don’t want my actions to fuck my parents over :/

I hope that made sense haha. Thank you!

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