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Will I pass?

Hi All,

I’ll start with me. 6 foot two inches tall. 195 pounds. 18 years old. Pretty skinny. Not sure of metabolism. I don’t usually eat that much. Casual smoker. I don’t work out necessarily but I live an active lifestyle.

I last smoked 26 days ago. I got SUPER baked the last night I smoked. For the two weeks previous to that, I shared a joint a day with a friend of mine (he took more hits than me though). All in all, I bet I smoked between two and five grams.

I took a home drug test kit and passed. My urine wasn’t super diluted (still yellow but not dark yellow). About as light as I’d be comfortable going. I’m thinking that’s means I’m good but…failing would SUCK!

I have to pass a coast guard drug test for a vessel master’s license soon (urine test). I think its the same test as the DOT gives truck drivers. What do you think?


–a fellow smoker

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