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What would you do in this situation?

I’ve been having some serious problems with this one kid down the street. It all started when I got caught smoking in september. I found out this kid snitched on me.

Every time I walk past him in school, hes fucking with me. ex: 2 days ago, I was riding to another guys house on my longboard. I passed by him playing basketball with other ppl, one being a friend. Anyways, he runs up to my, pushes me off my board (i was going fast as hell, & fell pretty hard) grabs my board, & kicked it down the street. Being a longboard, it rolled like 3 blocks before i caught up to it. I had my pocket knife with me, & nearly stabbed him. I was outnumberd, so it woulda been an ass beating 4 me.

my friend came over yesterday, & said how that kid was talking shit after i left. He even said wen summer comes, hes gunna snitch on me again 2 ruin my summer.

wen my friend came over, while we were playin skyrim, he starts callin people. I was like who r u talkin to? He said hes makin arrangements to get that snitch jumped. I said 2 stop, dnt do it. Iv had 2 other people try to do the same.

So should i let him get jumped? ima scrawny white kid. i cant fight. I wud lose bad if i tried 2 fight him. So, wat would you do?

edit: i also try to avoid him, but he lives a few houses down, so its hard

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