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What is your opinion on K2? (Spice, synthetic cannabis, etc)

Here’s the situation I’m in. First off, I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t read the rules. Excuse me if this discussion isn’t allowed here.
All my friends are in positions where they have to be drug tested (for school, probation, or what have you), so they are into K2. I’ve smoked K2 a few times but only got really high off it a couple times. Being the only health-conscious one amongst my friends, it bothers me smoking something that is really not yet studied scientifically for what it does to your body and all the horror stories I’ve heard. I mean my friends are fine, and they smoke it all the time, and the worst outcome I’ve ever seen personally was someone vomiting after smoking it, which he claimed wasn’t attributed to him smoking. I really can’t decide, people online, like on Grasscity are highly against it, but I can’t decide if there’s a real serious danger in smoking it, or if it’s just a new case of ‘Reefer Madness.’ As for the highs, I usually just get maybe a little bit of eye pressure, a headache and a cheapish high. The high is good though, if I knew it was safe it’d definitely be worth smoking.
So, I’ve got a gram sack of K2 that was gave to me right now, no weed and don’t know when I’ll get more. Should I smoke it, sell it, or toss it?

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