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What do I do about stolen weed

Today when I went to go sell to someone, I pulled out the bag and let the guy hold it, he was with another person, I knew the buyer well but not the other guy. So anyways, I let him hold it for inspection, which is necessary. After a minute of him inspecting he said "Alright we’re good", put it in his pocket and and they started walking away. So I was like "Dude, wtf"? I thought it was a bad joke at first since Ive hung out with this guy for such a long time, so I followed them asking them wtf theyr doing, givve that back, pay me, Im gonna beat your ass, kinda stuff. He just kept responding with bs remarks. I wouldnt have been able to take on both of them so I really couldnt do much. So I eventually just gave up afte rthey turned around, ready to fight me. The way I see it now is, I can either jump the kid, which could result in me being jumped by a group of people. Or I could find some way to get him in trouble(parents or authorities), only pproblem with that is he probably has my texts on my phone about drugs and such, or if he doesnt, Im sure he would tell the police to contact his phone company for a list of texts. Has anybody been in a similar situation, and how do I get my bud or money?

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