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Weeds a motivator?

alright so last year, before i smoked, my grades were a, b, c, basically shit. i didn’t really care that much. this year i blaze and have all A’s and 1 B+. this week is exam week and i decided i wouldn’t smoke so i could focus and maintain my A’s. so today’s my 4th day sober, and tomorrow are my most important exams. i need to bring up an 87 and maintain a 90, but i have NO motivation at all and i’m in the "fuck it" mood like i was last year? i’m wondering if this is weed related at all? ik me and my friend get good grades if we’re blazing, and if we don’t they drop. but it’s completely opposite for my cousin. so i was just wondering what kind of person are you? does weed motivate you? improve your grades? does it do the stereotypical thing and demotivate you? 🙂

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