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Vaporizer Burning throat before use?

Hello Guys!

I just bought my first Vaporizer. Its the little black box with a whip and its digital.

I set it to 185 [Which I believe is the optimal setting for smoking weed].

My problem, is that once I let it heat up. I place my whip with the weed and suck while its attached then suck. Is this wrong?

Anyways, while i suck. once I start to suck. My throat burns like screaming agony.

No idea why its happening.

However, if I set it to 150-160 I get a tiny bit of steam/smoke.

Not sure whats happening. can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?


I attach whip then inhale, burns throat. Is this wrong?
is it normal to have smoke coming from weed for 150-160 setting
is it normal for vaporizer to burn throat extremely badly?

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