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USA: Father Has Family Taken Away

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Update to: (My teenager turned my wife and I in for some bud, and now my wife and kids are gone. So alone. : trees)

What a long hard road it has been. First, my wife was taken to a battered woman’s shelter after the arrest, then told that if she did not sign a Restraining Order against me, she would never see our children again. Due to her making claim there was domestic violence (which there has been none) and the claims of abuse from my teenage daughter, the local Child Protective Services placed our children in a state of deprevation.

My wife was forced to stay at this woman’s shelter without the ability to leave or contact me or any of my family. She was forced into daily labor and religious classes. She was trapped by this place for nearly 5 months, until she literally had to escape.

She has now dropped the restraining order and moved back home. Our children have been interviewed by numerous child psychologists and have been found to be healthy and with zero signs of abuse. Unfortunately the CPS office is still claiming a state of deprevation for our children and will not allow us to bring them back home. Only my wife is allowed to visit them once a week, as they state I am a danger.

My teenage daughter ran from custody and has been living with her boyfriend during this entire period, exactly what she wanted, freedom from her parents, whilst our little ones are in a foster home they refer to as jail. They are also being indoctrinated into christian religion, which we do not practice. The local government continues to frame us as bad parents, although we have neither been indicted or convicted of any crime. We are at our wit’s end, without any path to get our kids back home.

We need help!!! We have attempted to contact state offices regarding the local CPS’s office abuse of power and disregard for our basic constitutional rights, but have had no luck. I am disabled and on a limited income, so I do not have the financial resources to hire an attorney, and besides, this area seems to be a ‘good ole boy’s network’, so a local attorney may not be the best choice. We do not know where to turn to, or what to do. We are turning to Reddit in hopes of being guided in the right direction, we want our children home, and they are miserable without us.

tl;dr: Child Protective Services took our small children after our teenager falsely accused us of abuse and drug dealing. We need to get our children home but do not know where to turn; Reddit, please help!

-In the comments section, the man said he does not know how to get/afford a lawyer.

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